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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do I need to visit a doctor before I can get an allergy test?

2. Where is Allergyscope available?

3. What foods can I test on Allergyscope?

4. How should I go about selecting which foods to test?

5. What if I want to test for non-food allergies?

6. Can I use Allergyscope for my children?

7. How does the price on Allergyscope compare to just going to an allergy doctor?

8. Do I need to see a doctor after I get my results on allergyscope?

9. What will my allergy lab results look like?

10. How long will my results take?

11. Can I use my health insurance to pay for testing?

12. Can I use an HSA or FSA?

13. How will you keep the things I share and my results private?

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